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Tier 1 Visa Overview

Skilled migration plays an important role in the efforts of the United Kingdom to maintain its global competitiveness. As part of the UK immigration points system in Tier 1 (General) enables highly qualified individuals who are legally resident in the UK for a visa that allows them to remain in the UK without sponsorship received employer. Highly qualified people, including doctors , scientists, engineers, MBA and other education workers. if you can speak English, have at least equivalent earned a degree and can demonstrate that it is a relatively good income in the past, the Tier 1 (General) earned the appropriate system for you.

 The United Kingdom actively supports skilled migrants to immigrate to the country from 2002,  generally by the Tier 1  visas for highly skilled migrants. Tier 1 replaces the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) 30 June 2008. However, a current cap is imposed on skilled immigrants, which affects animals, especially 1 (General). In April 2011 the British government will impose a permanent limitation on immigration, and replace qualified Tier 1 (general) with a visa of "exceptional talent" again. Meanwhile, the British government has stopped, applications for Tier 1 (General) applicants from outside the United Kingdom. At Level 1 (General) is replaced in April 2011, only applicants currently residing in the United Kingdom is in level 1 (General) apply.

For those who are true to Tier 1 (general) is very similar to the previous HSMP, except the notable exception of the deletion of the provision that the MBA, MBA in a list of specific universities allowed to claim an automatic 75 points. English language requirements are too stringent. You can use our Tier 1 General Highly Skilled Migrant Points Calculator to increase your chances to be granted a visa to Tier-1 to evaluate in this subcategory.

Qualifications Criteria

Bachelor's     Master's     PhD

30 points     35 points     50 points

Age Factor

The younger you are, the more points you can score. You can score a maximum amount of 20 points if you are under 30 years of age.

Age     Points

Under 30     20
30 to 34     10
35 to 39     5
40 or over     0

UK Visas Some facts and figures

  Facts and figures from the UK Visas:

    1 In 2008 and 2009, they received 2.43 million applications for fewer than in 2007 / 9:

    2 procedures were in all major categories except student visa with an increase of 2% of total

    3  the points system was introduced in the 2008-9 attract more than 50,000 applications

    4 The overall refusal rate is 19% to 1% 2007-08

    5 More than 50% of all visa applications for visits

    6 The top nationality by application amount requested nor Indians, followed by Nigeria, Pakistan, Chinese and Russian.

     7 The upper visa sections remain New Delhi, Chennai, Moscow, Mumbai and Istanbul.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easy way to get a Canada work permit

So much awareness in Canada of citizens seeking a chance you might not find in their own country. Anyone who likes working in a foreign country, and hard-working personality, a good job in Canada. Canada is also best for those who prefer to work in the exact degree and abroad to ensure that the competencies in their respective fields. So if it is also useful for people traveling to Canada, the U.S. green card.

It is very common to find in Canada as temporary visitors who falls in love because of the many growth opportunities in Canada. Again and again they are motivated to stay in Canada, and has permanent residence in Canada (eg Green Card in the U.S.) legally.

It is likely that a work visa in Canada at a time, like staying there as a visitor?
Yes, very much possible, but it must be ready to experience the complex procedures to ensure that ideas come true.

Here is a simple way to get a Canadian visa:

An application, such as caring
One of the best way to get a work permit to apply as a caregiver, while still living in Canada. This case may not appeal, but so that it is quite possible that a Canadian visa at the same time you tour the home market. Many Canadians look for older people and carers of the elderly. It is not necessary for a high degree of professional, performance, and professional knowledge. You just need to be well informed about the care of elderly or disabled citizens. Many candidates have a work visa through this way.

So it takes a real smart enough preparation for work as a caregiver. Firstly, you need a caregiver training certificate. This training can be obtained from the mother, or institution outside Canada. This setting should take HRSDC.

You can meet this requirement, which is a sharp sponsor. The sponsor should also be able to sponsor you as a caregiver.

Canadian Immigration - Search for a Job in Canada After Getting Canada Immigration

After immigration to Canada from his own, from a Canadian Immigration Lawyer and Canadian Immigration Consultant, the first step is obviously to take a job in Canada.

Here are some good sources for finding work in Canada after the rise of Canadian Immigration

1. The Internet:
This is the best way to get a job in Canada. Many websites have information on employment opportunities. You can search online for a job anywhere in Canada. Some areas also have a realistic proposal on how card job search. Others leave for a job directly to the Internet or your CV in English or French Post Office. If you do, your resume goes into a dish that can be searched by employers.

2. Ads in newspapers:
Every newspaper in Canada has a classified advertisements section where you will see listed a number of jobs. In many areas there are also weekly or monthly basis, working papers for publishing jobs.

3. Service of Canada:
Directors at these centers can offer free advice and information on vocational and language training and vocational training for new immigrants. They can help design an effective plan to seek work and a summary of education and experience. Each center also has lists of available jobs on computer or on bulletin boards.

4. Local Assistance:
To facilitate the new arrivals get ready for the Canadian workforce or to access their line of work or trade in Canada, immigrant-serving organizations have a variety of programs. Some give workshops on job search skills, where writers get an overview of the labor market, where they live. Students learn in the midst of other things, how to write a resume and see how they perform in an interview. In some areas, there are job-finding clubs, mentoring programs, programs to support volunteer work get experience and wage subsidy programs.

5. reports or your personal network:
One of the best ways to find jobs is to talk with the locals. Please know that people with good, or people that might be relevant. If you can not open them in a job that can give you information, ideas and names of others who are able to facilitate and support they could give.

Medical Exam Validity Period for Canadian Immigration

Validity of the medical examination, for Visa and Immigration Canada for a year. So only the medical tests of the visa within 12 months of test.If had entered Canada as a permanent residence for a period of 12 months will be required to undergo a medical examination, into the Canadian Immigration Office.

Canada Immigration : Medical Test requirement

if you want  to get visa for Canada, you must pass a medical examination in Canada as a permanent residence in force. Instructions on how to become the medical examination take to be sent to you when you put forward your application for Canadian visa office.CIC not give your doctor for your medical examination for Canadian immigration to do as a rule. You should see a physician on Canada's list of approved doctors in

Her last medical report and x-rays for medical examination again in possession of the Canadian Medical immigration authorities and will not be returned to you.
Some important points to note for medical tests of the Canadian Immigration:

1. The doctor is not on the survey results to tell you. Although the doctor can tell you if you have any health problems.

2. Nominees doctor is not the final conclusion. Citizenship and Immigration Canada give the final decision on whether your medical test are accepted for immigration purposes.

3. The Canadian visa office to you in writing if it is to know a problem with your medical examination.

Process of Canadian Immigration

There are many rules and regulations for Canada Immigration, which vary from year to year. These changes are due to the new rules, such as the recent action of the immigration of skilled workers lead to increased and decreased in non-approved candidate areas to accelerate. Other reasons are the current crisis, or changes in the board. For 2009, only 265,000 qualified applicants are admitted to the country. These applications take about 12 to 65 months no homework for the application process. Arrivals after penalty should be included for one year from the date of the medical tests of the applicant. However, work permits and temporary visas may have, that the applicant change in a few months.

The Government of Canada does not help with applications for Canadian immigration. Basic information, application guiding principles and suggestions are available, but it is up to man, or an undertaking by a person hired for the official finish. Canada Immigration Consultants may be hired to support the application and will determine suitability of a candidate. You can answer many questions of the applicant. Canadian immigration laws are strict and may examine applications on the basis of decline, because they collect so much. Even as an advisory agency determines that the applicant is a well-built case for immigration, they should not be substantially approved.held by Immigration Canada, the right of permanent residence of the person of your passport granting a permanent right to work fixing and live in Canada. In some provinces, the person entitled by the government-subsidized health care.

On the other hand, is a permanent resident can not vote. After three years residence, the person is allowed to apply for permanent citizenship, and if allowed, to allow a Canadian passport and can vote. Temporary residents are employees or students who stay in the country with a special visa and get no medical care or social assistance, but can buy private health care. When a person moves, they do not automatically lose his current passport.

As a permanent resident of a country has no impact on a current citizenship in another. If so, this person because the Canadian immigration rules actually have no citizenship in any country. After three years, the immigrants to apply for Canadian citizenship, but it is not mandatory. The government allows dual citizenship, so if the person can apply for citizenship, they can keep their original passport and a Canadian and would do. The country of origin should also allow dual nationality, and if not, the original passport back.

The Basics of Canada Immigration

Emigration to Canada and obtain permanent residence in Canada gives you the right to live, work and study in Canada as long as you want. Canadian residents are almost all other rights as a Canadian citizen who was born here. ]
When Canadian immigration, you will be eligible to claim include:
1st Government funded health care
2nd Education grant
3rd Unlimited access to Canadian jobs
4th unemployment benefits
5th Retirement benefits
6th Freedom to live anywhere in Canada

Canadian immigration restrictions:

Unlike many other countries, the Canadian government's policy of promoting immigration and, as such, but as restrictions on immigration, Canadian immigration goals. For example, in Canada 2009 wants to reach 265 000 inhabitants. Immigrants can go to Canada from any country in the world.

Applying for permanent residence in Canada:

It is probably for the whole family moved to Canada, and You May apply for himself, his partner and children simultaneously.
In addition, you can be sponsored to move there by someone who is a Canadian or permanent resident.
In the first phase of applications for permanent residence in Canada to look for in a category that is best for you.

Available for Canadian immigration categories are:
1st Family Sponsorship
2nd Skilled worker program
3rd Investors
4th Entrepreneurs
5th Self
6th Humanitarian and compassionate grounds
Canadian citizenship
Once you have stayed in Canada for three years can apply for citizenship and, if accepted, will be eligible for a Canadian passport. I'll still be able to stay a passport from their country of origin, and because Canada recognizes dual citizenship.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IELTS band for Denmark Greencard points

This following table gives you with a comparison of IELTS score with Denmark Green Card Points.

IELTS Band 3.0---------------5 points

IELTS Band 3.5 to 4.5 --------10 points

IELTS Band 5.0 to 6.0--------15 points

IELTS Band 6.5 And above--- 20 points

Large amount of Indian immigrants in Denmark

A record number of Indians and Pakistanis came to Denmark to work or study in 2008. The speed of globalization raised in Denmark in 2008. has a growing number of Indians and Pakistanis working in Denmark and application studies the trend of immigration into the country each year experienced show.More up-to-the-minute figures from the Immigration Service in Denmark, 40,000 residence permits were issued for all of Denmark for foreigners working or studying. Immigration Service-General says that the details of the new realism of migration law. Denmark wants to be competitive enough to recruit foreign workers and excellent students. Danish Green Card was introduced in order to attract highly skilled foreign workers.

Denmark Immigration for Pakistan

Same as Canadian and Australian immigration authorities of Denmark opened its borders to the moment in Pakistan. It is now easier than ever for the majority of Pakistani citizens to immigrate to Denmark from Pakistan. If Denmark is a very simple points system for immigration. Immigration policy in Denmark, also known as the Danish Green Card system is facilitated by the following factors.

      IELTS is needed for the invasion of Denmark.
      Previous earnings on migration is opposed by the UK Immigration and HSMP.
     Graduate from a recognized university of Pakistan has the right to emigrate.
      Hints on 34th age

Pakistan Denmark relations strengthened since last year, and Denmark wants more Pakistanis in the development of its economy. No. immigration to Denmark is a good choice for those Pakistanis who want to emigrate to developed countries. It is now in Canada and Australia immigration immigration.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Denmark Tuition fees and scholarships for International Students

Denmark Student Visa Requirements

Here are the general requirements for Danish student visa:

1. Completed and signed application ST1.
2. Freshly made ​​three copies of passport photos.
3. A valid passport with a validity of at least 3 months has elapsed from the date of the visa applied.
4. Letter of enrollment in a Danish institution.
5. Proof of sufficient funds for education and housing support in Denmark. Funds must be on some Danish Krone (DKK) 60,000.

These are the general requirements for Danish student visa and may vary by country of residence of the applicant.

Denmark Greencard Processing time

The maximum throughput is calculated from the date of commencement of the Immigration Department will receive a completed application. A completed application is deemed complete if they have any information which the applicant signed all information is correct and contains the necessary documentation.The Immigration Department decides whether the application is complete. The vast majority of applications are completed by the Immigration Department and their candidates do not usually hear from the Danish Embassy or High Commission until the decision is sent. If the application is not complete message informs the applicant is currently possible. This is often the case for green card applicants that a foreign education.

The service target Denmark Green Card scheme is generally 30 days. However, it is important to realize that this only once the Immigration Department has received all the essential documents begins. During the period of 30 days, the Immigration Department to check whether the application meets the requirements for granting a residence permit in terms of the Green Card Scheme.Since candidates who received their education in Denmark in the most essential documents when the based on their application for approval, the 30-day service target from the date of the request by the Danish Immigration Service received calculated.

The necessary documentation in many other cases it last longer to obtain because the information can only be made available again after all contributions or additional research into the documentation for etc.Applications stay on Green Card system is based, will be treated to be filled out completely when not in use on demand Cirius to assess the applicant level.It education is usually required for the Cirius ask for an assessment of whether the application contains a foreign education and the applicant has no past valuation request directly CIRIUS.The completed applications will be treated as if an attack is provided by Cirius. After the message is received, the request is fully processed in a month. The applicant will be accepted if the case is sent to Cirius.

Denmark - the world's leading IT nation

 Denmark is the world's leading IT nation ahead of countries like the U.S. and Singapore. This is the third consecutive year that Denmark title.The reasons for the top ranking in Denmark, where he works as an IT nation, particularly the extensive use of IT in the Danes and Danish companies and effective IT jurisdiction.Danish Danish Minister Education has been very happy and said that a well-functioning education system to provide the basis for using the perspective of information technology.Between 2004 and 2007, the Danish Ministry of Education DKK 11.5 million spent on the increased use of IT in the Danish public schools. A similar amount will be spent in 2009 on other IT projects in the Danish public schools.

How to submit your case for immigration?

The submission of an application for immigration clear, absolute, and it must be the key for fast processing and the celebration of his winning your case. Proper organization of your case throughout the immigration process is to ensure your application is not in way.Keep hide the fact that nothing in the immigration office. File your documents in a clear and organized, giving as many details experience.Your about their qualifications and experience must contain experience certificates along with their certificate of appointment, payroll and the resignation letter (of resignation). Try to provide as much information about the immigration officer. This increases your chances of winning and will result in a shorter time of processing your case.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Skilled Workers Selection

Skilled workers are selected as permanent residents of Canada. Canada has many workers skiiled in 2009. The selection criteria for your training, experience, knowledge of English, knowledge of French factors and resilience as the qualifications of the spouse and relatives in Canada. You have shown that economics occupies Canada.Office skilled worker program for people who go to all parts of Canada, with the exception of the French-speaking province of Quebec. The province of Quebec is responsible for selecting qualified employees.

Canadian Immigration Process

If you think that applies to Canadian Radical diet than doing it yourself. No need to waste money on immigration lawyers. The immigration process for the immigration of skilled workers to Canada is very simple. You only need the simplified application form CIC site to download. They are professional-grade, application downloaded by clicking on this link
Just download the application form. Read and fill it carefully, deposit the appropriate fee and submit it to your nearest Canadian Visa Office.

Job Searching in Cananda

Its never too late to change your look for a job in Canada to start.Finding the right job your work is very important to you as your immigration process was under construction, or if you think about the Canadian immigration.

There are many advantages of a genuine Canadian job offer. Some are

1. It is a compulsory part of qualifying, while under the application under the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).

2. A job offer letter will accelerate the processing of your application for a Canada Immigration Visa.

3. Quick access to Canada on a work permit in time to the processing of your Canadian application.

4. There is no job offer from Canada get extra points with the federal skilled worker category of Canadian immigration authorities.

5. The last and most important is that a Canadian end your job insecurity, provide food and shellter.

So now try thousands of jobs through the study of Canada's jobsites.
It is not hard to find a job in Canada, but you have to work to find a job in Canada difficult.
Canada has thousands of foreigners in 2009. So do not loose your chance to get a Canadian job in 2009, received.

Canadian Immigration Fee

You can calculate your immigration fee simple by the linkFee should at selected STNDARD Chartered Bank will be deposited and hatch to the application are given.

Defination of Skilled Worker

According to the Canadian Immigration Skilled workers who transform as permanent residents based on their ability to settle and find work in their field in the 27th Canada.On February, was selected in 2008 a major change in Canadian immigration policy, eligible to be factors. Qualified employees of the Federal Office applications after February 27, 2008 based on a points system with an experience that transformation necessarily reviewed one year from the list of 38 professions. So you need to reach 67 points with one year experience of 38 professions. Search competitions atlist necessary Immigration Canada

According to the Canadian Minister of Immigration of the directions for processing your application, as the title:

1. You have an offer letter of employment provided by a company from Canada that is recognized by HRDSC.

2. If you are a foreign national who has worked legally in Canada for over one year as temporary foreign workers.

3. Are you a professional, at least one year experience in one or more of the list of 38 professions.

4. Are you an international student organization.

Why Immigration

Western Country immigration like Canadian Immigration is a dream of most of the people because a lot of opportunities are waiting for skilled people in Canada. Canada is the second largest country of the world but her population is very low as compared to her area. So Canada is motivating skilled workers, students, business class and other classes from all over the world to immigrate to Canada.In past, the immigration process was very tough and lengthy but after the introduction of simplified immigration process in 2006, the immigration process has become easier for people. Now eligible people can apply easily without hiring a consultant and wasting a lot of money on Immigration agents.
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