Thursday, May 10, 2012

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements

The guarantors in Saudi Arabia have to pertain for a permit through the department of Foreign Affairs. previously the application is permitted, the department will send the sanction straight to the consulate to guarantor must give you with a SLIP VISA.


duplicate of the visa slip

Visa application form and two identification photos should write name on the back plain white background.

A applicable passport for no less than six months from the date of submission and must enclose a place of birth and two clear pages side by side. If family related the matching passport, pictures and names of every member should be extra to the passport of the correct permissible authorities.

Evidence of connection to guarantor copy of marriage certificate for wife, copy of a birth record for the child, the name of parents.

Copy of injection for polio confirmation for children under age 15.

Copy of home permit of the guarantor (IQAMA) and letter from sponsor, state license number, date and names of the candidates.

Applicable Visa begin from date of issue and age of live starting date of incoming Saudi Arabia.

Copy of established worries necessity be present with the application.(Tour)
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