Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Malaysia Immigration

Malaysia, offers a range of beautiful surroundings of the resorts on the highlands is a wonderful place for immigration. Now, potential immigrants have an even greater reason to choose Malaysia: Malaysia My Second Home program, the government. This program is especially beneficial for retirees to emigrate in search of a warm climate, low living costs. Is this what you are looking for, immigration to Malaysia for you!

Visa Application

When applying for a Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visas to the following conditions:

 Applicants under 50 must show proof of liquid assets worth at least RM 500,000 and offshore income of RM 10,000 per month
 Applicants 50 years and older is the proof of RM 350,000 in cash and offer the bank in the amount of RM 10,000 per month
 New applicants may have acquired the properties, worth at least RM million qualify for a lower fixed deposit


For successful applicants have received a "conditional approval letter 'from Malaysia Immigration Department the following additional conditions:
Under 50 years

Open a fixed deposit of RM 300 000
 After a period of one year, the participant can withdraw up to RM 150,000 for approved expenses relating to the purchase of a house, education for children in Malaysia and in health
 Do you have a minimum of RM 150,000 from the second year and during their stay in Malaysia under the My Second Home Program
 For eligible applicants who have bought property and the value of RM million higher in Malaysia are subject to a basic fixed-term debt of RM 150,000, provided that the property is complete with all the legal ownership documents issued observed

For 50 years and older

Open a fixed deposit of RM 150,000, or
Evidence of government-approved pension fund of RM 10,000 per month
After a year, MM2H visa holders who withdraw deposits at RM 50 000 for approved expenses relating to the purchase of a house to meet children's education in Malaysia, and healthcare.
MM2H visa holders must have a minimum amount of RM 100,000 from the second year and the rest of his / her stay in Malaysia under this program
Approved participants, who bought the property purchased by RM million higher in Malaysia, are entitled to a fixed deposit of RM 100,000 have claim if the property has been paid and all legal ownership issued.

Other requirements

All applicants and their families are obliged to register a medical report from a private hospital or clinic in Malaysia serve to complete.
Health insurance
MM2H visa holders and their dependents have valid health insurance, which can be used in Malaysia (exceptions can be for people who are the difficulties of the health insurance because of their age or medical condition have).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Immigration to British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia (BC) is the third largest province of Canada. In those days, in British Columbia is facing a significant shortage of skilled labor, particularly in the construction fileds, transport, health, tourism, hotels and energy. That is why the government plans of British Columbia more than a million new jobs by 2015.
In 2010 there will be about 123,000 new jobs in health, 65,500 new construction jobs and 54,400 new jobs in transportation. Half of these positions will be based on new jobs and half of them vacant due to retirement.
To support immigrants, British Columbia Govenment is to continue searching for new immigrants came with their foreign credentials recognized to help you.
So if you think apply to the Provincial Nominee Program Canadian immigration, and in at least three years experience in the transportation, construction, tourism, health, hospitality, or energy, then the British Columbia is a good option for you

Tips for writing for job in Canada

A resume is a summary of the document refers to you and sell your most appropriate and effective skills for meaningful employment in Canada, the admission to study in Canada, advising a scholarship or other graduate business purposes.A curriculum vita or vita is a document, usually more frequently those of the graduate school, searching for positions in academia or research can be used.

What can an effective resume or CV for you?

An effective reward you again for an interview, no job. An employer generally spend 15 to 20 seconds scanning your CV or vitae Curriculam. The contents of your CV should be clear and adapted to the type of work you are applying.If your resume has a spelling mistake or grammatical error, it is most likely to jump off the page by the employer, and it is a way to throw you out of a pool of candidates. Your resume is perhaps the only opportunity you get an idea to make such an excellent decision.

Resume writing for a Canadian business

There is the idea that only those who have a lot of money, authorized a high level of education and good experience to go to Canada. It is not quite right! A simple graduate can find employment in Canada. But it always starts with an excellent overview.Canadian labor market has its own standards for resume writing. The way a candidate from writing a resume should be on the target company. Of course, it goes to a Canadian company should see it follow the standard that Canadian companies want, and want a curriculum vitae, or he will end up in a garbage can.Canadian employers always as easy summary. Preferably it should be 2-3 pages. If you send your resume via e-mail to say, remember that you always send your resume in MS Word (. DOC). Other formats can not open your resume to the PC to the employer.

It is easy to immigrate to Canada

It is very easy to immigrate to Canada. If you qualify under any category of Canadian immigration policy, then it's easy to migrate, especially in comparison to other developed countries. The Canadian immigration authorities have a points system where each candidate can be evaluated by age, qualifications, professional experience (as defined in 38 occupations), language skills and other parameters defined by the ICC.
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