Monday, May 23, 2011

Denmark Greencard Processing time

The maximum throughput is calculated from the date of commencement of the Immigration Department will receive a completed application. A completed application is deemed complete if they have any information which the applicant signed all information is correct and contains the necessary documentation.The Immigration Department decides whether the application is complete. The vast majority of applications are completed by the Immigration Department and their candidates do not usually hear from the Danish Embassy or High Commission until the decision is sent. If the application is not complete message informs the applicant is currently possible. This is often the case for green card applicants that a foreign education.

The service target Denmark Green Card scheme is generally 30 days. However, it is important to realize that this only once the Immigration Department has received all the essential documents begins. During the period of 30 days, the Immigration Department to check whether the application meets the requirements for granting a residence permit in terms of the Green Card Scheme.Since candidates who received their education in Denmark in the most essential documents when the based on their application for approval, the 30-day service target from the date of the request by the Danish Immigration Service received calculated.

The necessary documentation in many other cases it last longer to obtain because the information can only be made available again after all contributions or additional research into the documentation for etc.Applications stay on Green Card system is based, will be treated to be filled out completely when not in use on demand Cirius to assess the applicant level.It education is usually required for the Cirius ask for an assessment of whether the application contains a foreign education and the applicant has no past valuation request directly CIRIUS.The completed applications will be treated as if an attack is provided by Cirius. After the message is received, the request is fully processed in a month. The applicant will be accepted if the case is sent to Cirius.
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