Monday, June 6, 2011

EEA Family Permit

Key points of the EEA Family Temporary

EEA family permits from any British Embassy, ​​High Commission or Consulate to be made abroad
It is not for the applicant to travel to his home to be necessary.
EEA family permits are issued free of charge
EEA family permits are valid for six months from date of issue and can be used for multiple entries
Permit applications for the EEA family are primarily places abroad where.
Family members are defined as spouse or partner, children under 21 or dependent children over 21.
Permanent Residency
EEA citizens (and their family), usually get permanent residence after five years of the exercise of rights treaty in the United Kingdom.
Treaty Rights
This refers to the Treaty established the European Community. These rights apply to nationals of the European Economic Area and enable them to live and work in the UK, which will be self-sufficient (not a burden on welfare systems).
Family approval process
Under European Community law should, for the EEA family permits should be given priority and the evaluation of the EEA family permit the UKBA must be satisfied that the applicants meet the following requirements:
Candidates who claim to be directed to family members must demonstrate that they are related with the EEA National exercising treaty rights claimed in the UK or planning to do so. If they can demonstrate what they have right to a family temporarily EEA, unless that may onthe grounds of public security or public health shall be excluded.
Criteria for non-EEA national family

Do you have a valid passport
Evidence that they are related, as claimed, for example, marriage certificate or birth certificate
EEA nationals
It is a UK resident and non-EEA nationals, or their accession
intends to travel to the United Kingdom within six months and joined the EEA national or accompany
For members of financial dependence is defined as a family member receiving financial assistance from the EEA national or his spouse / partner needs. The applicant must be financially dependent on the EEA national
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