Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Basics of Canada Immigration

Emigration to Canada and obtain permanent residence in Canada gives you the right to live, work and study in Canada as long as you want. Canadian residents are almost all other rights as a Canadian citizen who was born here. ]
When Canadian immigration, you will be eligible to claim include:
1st Government funded health care
2nd Education grant
3rd Unlimited access to Canadian jobs
4th unemployment benefits
5th Retirement benefits
6th Freedom to live anywhere in Canada

Canadian immigration restrictions:

Unlike many other countries, the Canadian government's policy of promoting immigration and, as such, but as restrictions on immigration, Canadian immigration goals. For example, in Canada 2009 wants to reach 265 000 inhabitants. Immigrants can go to Canada from any country in the world.

Applying for permanent residence in Canada:

It is probably for the whole family moved to Canada, and You May apply for himself, his partner and children simultaneously.
In addition, you can be sponsored to move there by someone who is a Canadian or permanent resident.
In the first phase of applications for permanent residence in Canada to look for in a category that is best for you.

Available for Canadian immigration categories are:
1st Family Sponsorship
2nd Skilled worker program
3rd Investors
4th Entrepreneurs
5th Self
6th Humanitarian and compassionate grounds
Canadian citizenship
Once you have stayed in Canada for three years can apply for citizenship and, if accepted, will be eligible for a Canadian passport. I'll still be able to stay a passport from their country of origin, and because Canada recognizes dual citizenship.
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