Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Process of Canadian Immigration

There are many rules and regulations for Canada Immigration, which vary from year to year. These changes are due to the new rules, such as the recent action of the immigration of skilled workers lead to increased and decreased in non-approved candidate areas to accelerate. Other reasons are the current crisis, or changes in the board. For 2009, only 265,000 qualified applicants are admitted to the country. These applications take about 12 to 65 months no homework for the application process. Arrivals after penalty should be included for one year from the date of the medical tests of the applicant. However, work permits and temporary visas may have, that the applicant change in a few months.

The Government of Canada does not help with applications for Canadian immigration. Basic information, application guiding principles and suggestions are available, but it is up to man, or an undertaking by a person hired for the official finish. Canada Immigration Consultants may be hired to support the application and will determine suitability of a candidate. You can answer many questions of the applicant. Canadian immigration laws are strict and may examine applications on the basis of decline, because they collect so much. Even as an advisory agency determines that the applicant is a well-built case for immigration, they should not be substantially approved.held by Immigration Canada, the right of permanent residence of the person of your passport granting a permanent right to work fixing and live in Canada. In some provinces, the person entitled by the government-subsidized health care.

On the other hand, is a permanent resident can not vote. After three years residence, the person is allowed to apply for permanent citizenship, and if allowed, to allow a Canadian passport and can vote. Temporary residents are employees or students who stay in the country with a special visa and get no medical care or social assistance, but can buy private health care. When a person moves, they do not automatically lose his current passport.

As a permanent resident of a country has no impact on a current citizenship in another. If so, this person because the Canadian immigration rules actually have no citizenship in any country. After three years, the immigrants to apply for Canadian citizenship, but it is not mandatory. The government allows dual citizenship, so if the person can apply for citizenship, they can keep their original passport and a Canadian and would do. The country of origin should also allow dual nationality, and if not, the original passport back.
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