Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canada Immigration : Medical Test requirement

if you want  to get visa for Canada, you must pass a medical examination in Canada as a permanent residence in force. Instructions on how to become the medical examination take to be sent to you when you put forward your application for Canadian visa office.CIC not give your doctor for your medical examination for Canadian immigration to do as a rule. You should see a physician on Canada's list of approved doctors in

Her last medical report and x-rays for medical examination again in possession of the Canadian Medical immigration authorities and will not be returned to you.
Some important points to note for medical tests of the Canadian Immigration:

1. The doctor is not on the survey results to tell you. Although the doctor can tell you if you have any health problems.

2. Nominees doctor is not the final conclusion. Citizenship and Immigration Canada give the final decision on whether your medical test are accepted for immigration purposes.

3. The Canadian visa office to you in writing if it is to know a problem with your medical examination.
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