Saturday, September 17, 2011

Australia Skilled Immigration

Anybody is plan to get  of Australian  permanent residence and want to  be success, you can do it. based on the general skilled migration system, similar to the sea for a visa, then fill out the form below and your points score calculated you.You must meet all the basic requirements before going on to applications for skilled migration categories.
Are you under 50?

Is it in English at least "competent" level?

You need to know an enough level of English, which allows you to reach at least "6" has all four components of IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination.
Do you have a secondary education?

You must have a post-secondary (eg, university or trade) qualifications (in some occupations substantial relevant work experience may be accepted) and the skills to be assessed by the competent authority in assessing the condition of occupation of Australia.

If your current job or profession, where they engaged in a number of years, they are not in the list of skilled occupations (SOL), it is not possible to apply for permanent residence in Australia, a skilled work experience required categories.Do just appointed to a job, or meet the two-year study requirement?

It is separated, it is necessary to carry out their abilities assessed as suitable candidates for your occupation prior to use.

   Meet the requirement of the past work experience should be employed in skilled occupations list (SOL), at least 12 the 24 months preceding the application.
   You are required to work on the level qualified for at least 20 hours per week.

In response to a two-year study requirement, you must have completed at least 16 calendar months:

    a single qualification requiring at least two academic studies, or more than one degree, or a total of at least two academic years of studies
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