Tuesday, October 2, 2018

new changes in 457 Visa 2018

Nurses fully affected from recently Australian immigration changes. But you still have a good opportunity to rearrange the lot of things before March 2018.

How foreign nurses fulfill the required criteria?

The newly Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa is consisting of two parts. Short-Term stream and Medium-Term stream. For those Australian businesses who hire foreign workers on a temporary basis Short-Term stream is suitable for them if no local worker available.

 Also employers can avail The Medium-Term stream for foreign skills workers if locals un-available. for both streams the standard also made modified by the government, Minimum experience must be near about 2-3 years

the latest Short-Term list for Skilled workers which will be restructured 2 times per year as per directive of Department of Employment.  The lists also have profession of Registered Nurse. if nurses  fulfill the other criteria as result they also eligible for new streams.

Immigration section will initiate Tax File having information regarding 457 Visa holders for matching the data with Tax Office’s records to ensure the right tax estimation according to their nominated salary. This is a good changing in a condition where employer trying to violate the agreement by decreasing the salary.

This is an illegal activity if an employer not inform to immigration department .The departmental monitoring system will now improve to stop these type of incidence. These changing were in favor of workers and protect them from spiteful employers.

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