Sunday, May 22, 2011

Defination of Skilled Worker

According to the Canadian Immigration Skilled workers who transform as permanent residents based on their ability to settle and find work in their field in the 27th Canada.On February, was selected in 2008 a major change in Canadian immigration policy, eligible to be factors. Qualified employees of the Federal Office applications after February 27, 2008 based on a points system with an experience that transformation necessarily reviewed one year from the list of 38 professions. So you need to reach 67 points with one year experience of 38 professions. Search competitions atlist necessary Immigration Canada

According to the Canadian Minister of Immigration of the directions for processing your application, as the title:

1. You have an offer letter of employment provided by a company from Canada that is recognized by HRDSC.

2. If you are a foreign national who has worked legally in Canada for over one year as temporary foreign workers.

3. Are you a professional, at least one year experience in one or more of the list of 38 professions.

4. Are you an international student organization.
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