Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Norwegian jobs opportunities waiting for Immigrants

Many Foreign Immigrants Get new jobs in Norway last year a report say. Near to 25% out of 38,000 jobs created and waiting for peoples who migrate and established in Norway, although many foreigners having short-term permits were taken rest opportunities who work in the country.

In Starting 2004 it was observed that peoples getting immigration to Scandinavian country increase
Rapidly after membership proposal from a number of Central and Eastern European countries accepted by EU.while Norway is not in the association.EU treaty define about the permission of working of peoples from EU and EEA.
There is a high percentage of Immigration in Europe is in Norway which is near to 1 % of the residents. Immigrants filled 50% positions in those jobs having low income like temporary work or cleaning, however 20% immigrants work in construction sector.

Majority of immigrants taking those jobs where high pressure on workers, low-skilled workers and people having health problems.

SSB(State statistics bureau) define in a report that 73% of peoples consider about immigrants that they mix in cultural life in Norway. And 80%  thought regarding them that they had good role in the labor market.

In 2002 every 86% of native peoples supposed that like Norwegians  also immigrants having same opportunities for work and in 2012 the condition is same.
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