Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Immigrants in Finland

When Finland was under Swedish rule and Russian Finland was the first immigrants. But the true firs immigrants in Finland  gained its independence from 1917-1922, then the right. Thousands of people have fled to Finland after the Russian Revolution. Many of these people were killed in the civil war in Finland. At the beginning of 1919, according to official Russian statistics 15,457 are registered as refugees, but the actual number is much higher. Between 1917 and 1939, according to estimates, about 44,000 people seeker asylum in Finland.

World War II was also after a heavy immigration from Finland. The first large group of Chilean immigrants, refugees, and in 1970 to escape the persecution of the Pinochet military arrived in Finland. Most of them have returned to their country of origin after the end of the Pinochet administration. Structured immigration actual import Finland in the 1980s, was launched as a Vietnamese refugee. People have fled Somalia, Iraq and, therefore, such persecution in the world.

After Finland amended its immigration policy in the EU. Allow freedom of movement of Finland. Finland has a large number of immigrants from all over Europe. Finland is looking for work and education.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, in 2011, 29,500 people moved to Finland and abroad. Since independence, the number of people who moved to Finland is the largest.

2001 and 2011, the largest group of foreign Finland.I am the immigrant experience to tell my parents. Iran was the first to move into the Knowles was difficult because they knew nothing about the language or adapt to Finland. Helped them to adapt to a friend.radially learned to adapt and learn the language.

We asked our parents a lot. We asked them how to live in Finland? They say: This is great, and it is the country of Finland education and we had the opportunity to work It is better to live in Finland .your life better? Finland has a better chance to live my life to free our children go to school. much better here. Women do not have to stay at home and do the housework and look after the children while the man in our lives . You must be more than enough for us, we have the opportunity to live and work.
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