Sunday, July 10, 2011

Immigration to British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia (BC) is the third largest province of Canada. In those days, in British Columbia is facing a significant shortage of skilled labor, particularly in the construction fileds, transport, health, tourism, hotels and energy. That is why the government plans of British Columbia more than a million new jobs by 2015.
In 2010 there will be about 123,000 new jobs in health, 65,500 new construction jobs and 54,400 new jobs in transportation. Half of these positions will be based on new jobs and half of them vacant due to retirement.
To support immigrants, British Columbia Govenment is to continue searching for new immigrants came with their foreign credentials recognized to help you.
So if you think apply to the Provincial Nominee Program Canadian immigration, and in at least three years experience in the transportation, construction, tourism, health, hospitality, or energy, then the British Columbia is a good option for you
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